Air drumming just got real.

Introducing the app that turns your smartphone into a drumstick, shaker, tambourine and more.

Available now.

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Beats & Tutorials

Share the beats you create with the Aircussion community. Free step by step tutorials of how to make more advanced beats.    Coming Soon.

How It Works.

Unlike other apps that require you to play drums with your fingers on the screen, Aircussion uses your smartphone itself as a drumstick, percussion instrument or conductor's baton.

By holding the phone in one hand and your thumb down on any of the instrument tiles, start air drumming with your device and the sound will be produced! This results in a much more natural and realistic drumming experience for amateurs and professionals alike.

    Aircussion has 3 modes:
  1. Play Instruments: Hold your phone in one hand and your thumb down on any of the instrument tiles. Start air drumming with your device to hear the appropriate sound! These include: drums, cymbals, shakers, tambourines, world instruments, animals & more
  2. Play Beats: Operation is the same as in Play Instruments mode. However, instead of playing an individual instrument as you move your device around, you play an entire beat - a bit like a conductor directing a symphony orchestra! Factory beats include a variety of styles, from hip-hop and electronic to classic rock.
  3. Make Beats: Aircussion also comes with a built-in 8-track sequencer, the exact same sequencer we used to build the beats that come with the app, so that you can build up your very own set of drum beats. But don't worry - if you've never made or played a drum beat before, we'll walk you through a super easy tutorial and have you building beats like a pro in no time!

    Features include:
  • 90+ sounds to choose from!
  • 8-track sequencer to record your own drum beats
  • Play Beats mode for playing entire beats at whatever tempo you decide
  • 24 drum beats, 4 instrument layouts & 3 factory beat slates for you to play around with
  • Save & load your own customized layouts & drum beats
  • Volume controls for every track
  • Undo/Redo function during recording
  • Share your beats with your friends and the world!

    • Tips for enhancing your Aircussion experience:
    • Use headphones for the highest quality sound
    • Great to play in groups
    • Two-handed playing with multiple devices
    • Jam with your acoustic guitar playing friends
    • Play along with your music library
    • Listen to saved beats through your stereo system
    • Use created beats as backing tracks for other instruments

    Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!


Play Instruments

Play Beats

Make Beats

Our Story.

Aircussion began in the early summer of 2014 when code-master/guitarist/blogger Gary Bearchell called up his musician/sometimes-web-designer/entreprenerd friend Dave Moran to ask what he thought about an app where people could simulate playing real drum and percussion instruments with their iPhones. Dave was intrigued. The devices would respond to an air drumming movement like a real drum being hit with a drumstick, or a tambourine being shaken - and it would actually sound and feel good. Seemed like a bold challenge but one that both friends were up for. Visionaries.


In the beginning...

It was 1990. Gary and Dave were in junior high school in the suburbs of Vancouver, B.C. when the two young men formed their first rock band - Jokers Wild. Along with two (sometimes three) friends, the group played a handful of live shows. Between buckets of dry ice many Led Zeppelin & Van Halen songs were covered, completed by choreographed "shirts off" sections in each performance. Cliche? Perhaps. Unforgettable? You bet.

Jokers Wild. Rock on.

In the year 2000...

In their early 20's the dreams of Jokers Wild's fame and fortune had begun to fade and the two young men set off on distinctly different career paths.

Gary went to university, got his degree and rediscovered himself as a celebrity impersonator:

  • Skills: Programmer of almost all to do with video games. | Guitar and banjo player, music aficionado. | Builder of stuff with his hands. Real stuff. Like decks, sheds and such.
  • Experiences: Over twelve years of game programming with Electronic Arts, United Front Games, and others. | A year spent traveling across Africa. And no, not because he's religious. | Longtime city dweller gone country. Two years of it under his belt at the time of Aircussion's initial release.
  • Successes: Worked on nine different console titles, all of which have sold a million copies or more. | Lead customization programmer on ModNation Racers, a VGX Award nominee for Best PS3 game of 2010. | Retired Puzzle Bobble crown holder and three time (consecutive) Movember champion at United Front Games.

  • Follow Gary on: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Dave didn't go to university, became a professional musician and did these things:

  • Skills: Drummer, guitarist, songwriter and producer of many things musical. | Somewhere between amateur and professional web & graphic designer. | Self-admitted entreprenerd. | Fancies himself a culinary artiste in the making.
  • Experiences: Toured with multiple award winning and nominated bands Alpha Yaya Diallo and The British Columbians. | Lover of far away lands - four continents and counting. | Former tenant of a gem of a mobile home named "Duchess".
  • Successes: Shared the stage with bands including Jimmy Cliff, Broken Social Scene and The Sheepdogs. | Wrote and produced music that's been seen on most major networks including HBO and FX. | Grade One - District Spelling Bee Champion. Booyah.

  • Follow Dave on: Twitter | Facebook


The guys maintained a strong friendship and spent countless nights playing music around campfires, kitchens and cabins. Little did the two friends know they would come together on a professional level thanks to one fateful phone call.

Fast Forward to 2015...

And at last. They bring to you. Aircussion.